2. Go to your dashboard and Select "Create New Cast"
  3. Fill out the cast information

    Note: Describe your cast properly to enable afrodaisy team and the model to have a good knowledge of your cast Select your mode of payment Select your city first, e.g Port-Hacourt, to enable you fill out the rest of your location

  4. Fill out your cast date accurately making sure the dates don’t interfere with each other
  5. Upload an image that best describes your cast and save
  6. Please Wait, while your cast is approved by afrodaisy models team

    After ur cast is approved by Afrodaisy team go to "cast listing"and manage your cast thus:

    • Set your preferences to match your specifications (models are filtered by the parameters set in this section)
  8. Invite Models

    You can invite models for your cast with any of the following methods

    • Invite from list: Invite models from the list of models available on afrodaisy models platform
    • Direct Booking: Book model directly by clicking on “book model” on the model’s profile page, select from the available options (invite to apply to an existing cast, create new cast for invitation)
    • Select Models From Your Favourite or Contacted Models: click “”from the drop down menu select any of the options (All – favourite –contacted) and click on “Invite”
    • Manage Applicants: to select models who applied for the cast go to “Manage Applicants” click on “New Applicant” and select the model(s) of your choice and then, click on “Confirm Applicant”.

    Model(s) selected will be saved in your “Confirmed” folder

  9. Invited models, you can view the list of models you invited here
  10. Manage applicants, this section allows you to manage all the applicants.
    • Remove or discard applicant
    • Confirm applicant
    • Proceed to check out after managing your cast
    • Select “Check Out” to advance to the next stage of payment and click on “Proceed to Payment”

    • Choose between offline or online payment process for your payment