FAQ (frequently asked questions)

This is an online African modeling network that provides a platform where aspiring models, professional models, photographers, verified and certified agencies, stylist and other industry clients can co-exist.

Our well structured system was developed with group of experienced professionals in the industry.

Registration is easy and Free…. Simply create an account with us by filling out your details in the options provided and you are good to go

To increase your chances of being seen by people that matter or apply for more cast/jobs you subscribe to one of our paid membership plans: Afro plus or Afro unlimited for unlimited access.

Note: updating your photobooks, applying to casts, following models and other industry clients all contribute to your higher chance of being seen and booked. You get more jobs when people see you are taking your modeling career serious. So get busy!

By subscribing to one of our plans for more chances to apply and be seen, Also increase your chances by selecting more model categories as the industry offers different jobs with different requirements.

This is where we come in, our casts are thrown in by certified Agencies, photographers and industry professionals. These casts are verified by our system and employees before being approved and displayed

Whoever post a cast is allowed to describe the cast and mode of payment (including amount) if payment is available, the cast promoter pays into our account and we make sure, the model gets paid after two days once the job is done.

Remember you have to include and edit your account detail in your profile.

In any case you face any altercation with any cast promoter, kindly report abuse or breach of contract through info@afrodaisy.com

Absolutely not!, rather we connect models and agency and bridge the gap between them while they get more exposure.

Afrodaisymodels.com offers its users an easy platform for them to achieve their goal in the modeling industry eliminating the obstacles and the scam associated with the industry

Of course we can! Not only can you get jobs or get seen, you can also be offered to join an Agency or ask to join.Afrodaisymodels.com will require details of your agency and this will help eliminate doubt from the mind of whoever is hiring you for any job. Modeling is all about exposure and this platform creates an avenue for the model and the agency to be seen in the whole of Africa

Simply click on the sign up button on the home page and follow the steps. It’s easy!

You are almost done……we will have to verify your account this is simply done for security reasons but you can hasten your verification by uploading your photos and arrange them accordingly to the category you selected.

You can now see and be seen in the whole of Africa,

updating your photobooks, status, applying to casts, following models and other industry clients all contribute to your higher chance of being seen and booked. You get more jobs when people see you are taking your modeling career serious. So get busy!

Yes!, The Search box on the homepage can get to any user you search provided they are using this site and you keyed in the right name, gender, categories and other details that will filter the user from the rest.

You can find people in your location by selecting the city you are in

You must not be a member to search for other users, so you can take a free tour and see the people already using the site before signing up. Although you can’t do any business of any sort or contact the models unless you get registered.

You can follow any model in the model profile when you log into your account, just click on the follow button on your screen. To unfollow do the same but this time the button changes to “unfollow”

Afrodaisymodels.com only increases your chances of being spotted, you have to play your role also by being proactive and frequent on the site, apply to cast and update your photogallery but not a guarantee afrodaisy.com will offer you a job. No legitimate agency worldwide can guarantee that.

Afro plus and afro unlimited plan was created to maximize exposure in Africa, thereby helping you to be spotted easily and apply to more cast in vast category

The term “contract” is restricted to industry professionals, only industry professionals can give out contracts and only an industry professional can apply. Now you can book a fellow professional for a particular job

  • Log into your afrodaisymodels.com account
  • In your home page move your cursor to view casting, select “view contracts” in the options available

    First, you have to sign up for afrodaisymodels.com and have an account, if you exhausted your options of choosing more category, you have to subscribe to our membership plans Afro plus and Afro unlimited to increase your options of selecting more category and ability to edit

    It is paramount you upload of good quality picture of yourself, upload pictures via your profile by clicking on photobook and follow the steps. you are only allowed to put 5-10 pictures per photobook.we advise you label them properly for easy and defined search.

    Note: explicit and pornographic pictures are not allowed on this site.

    You must be logged into your account to perform this task

    • From your homepage navigate to your dashboard by clicking "dashboard"
    • on your dashboard page, click on "Edit profile"
    • edit your details from these options personal, my preference, media, password change,bank details
    • click on "update" to save changes
  • First, you have to sign up for Afrodaisymodels.com and create an account
  • Log into your Afrodaisymodels.com account
  • Go to your "dashboard"
  • Click on "edit profile"
  • Select "media"
  • Click on "add photo"
  • Select the photo from your files
  • Click on "upload"

It helps you get seen easily when a client searches by image category

  • Log into your afrodaisymodels.com account
  • Go to your "dashboard"
  • Click on "edit profile"
  • Select "media"
  • Select and click on the photo you want to tag
  • Select the photo from your files
  • Click on "select image category" and click on the category to tag the photo
  • Log into your afrodaisymodels.com account
  • Go to your "dashboard"
  • Click on "edit profile"
  • Select "media"
  • Select and click on the photo you want to delete
  • Click "delete"

Piece of cake! This is what this site is all about, it’s a network and our fast growing database enables agencies and professionals to use our search engine to locate models(you) provided you have what they need

You can also be found when agencies and other professionals invite all models for a cast.

Every profile is screened and qualified to avoid scam, offensive images and other issues.

This only takes a while

We prefer you contact us directly so we could figure out your reason and ways to help you and serve you better. Kindly send your reason to our email info@afrodaisymodels.com we will do that for u

If you are just starting out you have some modeling experience, there is nothing more important for a new face than to find a model agency. Model agencies in the world want to see new faces in their best natural light, so they can decide if the model has potential.

We created the afrodaisymodels.com Photo Session to provide models with professional photos, with no over-styling or harsh lighting, just the model looking their best for an affordable price.

  • Attend a photo shoot and receive professional photos.
  • Improve your presentation and chances of being represented by a model agency
  • Get prioritized listing in search results for new faces

Persons below the age of 14 are not allowed unless with the consent of the parents or a legal guardian.

If you are also not at the legal age in your country you will also need the consent of your parents or a legal guardian

Log in using your afrodaisymodels.com username and password. Click on “market place” and select photo sessions, there you can choose for any photo session close to you and then pay. Look out for the Photo session you want. Make sure you choose the one nearest to you and then click on apply. Follow the instructions to pay for your Photo session and this will assure your participation.

We believe that to be a model is about having "the right look", the right shots and the right place/people to show them to. As we are not a model agency (we offer a place for models to connect with agencies, photographers and other industry professionals), we highly encourage all new models to find and get representation through a reputable model agency. So you're at the right place to find one!

Remember: To get working as a model you have to be proactive, it's not enough to just be sitting pretty. How? Use our website to get yourself seen. Apply for castings, create your own network, pimp up your profile by having everything completed including your very best shots. Your modelling career is in your hands too!

People always think that being a model you have to be slim, tall and can catwalk, nah! Not anymore the industry has grown into so many areas, we have types and categories of modeling that you will eventually fall into one

  • Body parts
  • Fashion
  • High fashion
  • Plus sized
  • Real life & people
  • Senior
  • Child
    • Actors
    • Alternative
    • Art
    • Ushers
    • Artistic Nude
    • Ballet
    • Catalogue
    • tattoo
    • Clothing
    • Commercial
    • Cover
    • Pregnant
    • Event
    • Fitness
    • Foot
    • ebony
    • Glamour
    • Gothic
    • Hair
    • identical twin
    • Hand
    • Hip hop
    • Hostess
    • runway
    • Leg
    • Lingerie
    • Model
    • bouncer
    • Online/Web
    • Petite
    • Pinup
    • face
    • Brand promoter
    • celeb lookalike
    • Swimsuit/Bikini
    • Video

    So don’t give up if you think you don’t look like what people call a “model”, look closely you will see some part of you, you would want the world to see. And yes you can!

    Fashion: includes series of categories such as catalogue, glamour modeling and runways.

    High Fashion: these are people with amazing figures, very tall and lean and can do the catwalk on the runways and editoral for top designers. more often required to be between 5"8 to 5"11 (172cm to 180cm) and dress size of 6-8 UK (4-6 US),bust size of 34 age range should be 14 to 25 and men need to be between 5”11 to 6”2 (180cm to 188cm),chest size of 37” to 42” (94cm to 106cm) and waist size of 30” to 32” (76cm to 81cm).

    Plus Sized: this type of modeling is fast growing into trend, people with bigger body and good skin and between the sizes of 14-18 UK, (12-16 US)

    Real Life & People: these are for persons that like being in front of the camera and want to use modeling as a means for achieving their goal, they don’t really have to fit into any of the other types. They can be used in film extra or adverts to represent regular people.

    Body Parts: Your stunning body part that you want to show the world such as hands, leg, abs e.t.c.

    Senior: Models that are above 45 years old.

    • Your verification is sure
    • You can apply to four (4) castings per month and get your modeling career moving!
    • Increase the number of categories to 8 making you more available
    • Prioritized listing as your face is easily seen by cast promoters
    • Your verification is sure
    • Unlimited category option
    • You will be featured on our blog, increasing your exposure
    • Unlimited cast giving u access to more oppurtuinty